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After a successful start in 2021 the global situation we are currently experiencing has created profound challenges for individuals and small businesses within the sustainability sectors triggered by war, inflation, high cost for energy and materials. The production costs of our sneakers are higher than the average shoe brands based on the components, manufacturing processes and manufacturing-locations that we have chosen to create vegan sneakers without any compromises in quality, sustainability and fair production.

We will freeze the online sales for now and take the time needed to recharge, experiment and create new concepts and strategies with our manufacturing partners in Ghana.
We will also develop manufacturing-workflows that create more room for artistic expression and creative experimentation within our fashion and footwear creations.

We can't estimate yet how long this process will take and where it will lead to, but we are convinced that this time for thought, artisitic experimentation and contemplation is crucial for the healthy development of a sustainable label with an artistic and social focus.

We thank all of you who have supported us on our journey so far in various ways, and look forward to all the new things and innovations that will be born out of this important period. Stay blessed and protected throughout the year.

Nando Nkrumah, Artist & Founder

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