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I WILL RISE commissions weaving workshops from the north of Ghana run by women as well as independent Kente-cloth weaving masters from the south and central parts of the country to create the beautiful foundation of the premium sneakers which are manufactured in Portugal under fair conditions and strict quality control.

We do this to unite the artisanship of both continents on eye-level.


Our premium quality sneaker help to sustain the beautiful art of Ghanaian cloth-weaving through a modern and fresh approach - Ethically made with vegan and sustainable materials.

A Living Canvas

I WILL RISE is a living canvas.

Our mission is to create unique sustainable products and fashion, without a compromise on artistic exploration.
Our premium quality sneakers are the results of the collaboration between weavers from Ghana, premium shoe manufacturers from Portugal and creative minds world wide. We dive below the surface of visual appearance to learn, rethink and reconnect to the cultural heritage of Ghanaian weaving. The result are vibrant products that unite ethical production, clean design and sustainable innovations.

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