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Key Values

We care about the way our products are produced, the cultural wisdom behind them and the choice of materials to increase the social value and minimize the environmental impact.

Ethical produced

We working close and directly with the artisans who create the beautiful hand-woven Kente- and Batakari-Cloth is the key to a ethical production.

The cloth is made by independent and usually family run workshops.

We rather prefer a real face to face contact instead of artificial storytelling. We are especially supporting women run workshops by commissioning a large part of our garments there.

Below the surface

West African Cloth has a story to tell that we want to share with the world out of an in-depth conversation.

Sustainable Materials

Finding new sustainable materials and process out of an intense research process is very important to us to create  product that create less waste.

Therefore we embed recycled and orgnic materials.

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